Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mood Boards A-Go-Go : Art Influences and References

For overall mood piece, our story and game wants to work towards fusing the looks form the above image. This includes Moebius, our initial definitive source of inspiration for the visuals of the game with Alex Toth and the game Lara Croft Go.

Starting from the initial Moebius color, form, and shape inspiration (Miyazaki was always inspiring our themes not necessarily the art style of Ghibli studios) we boil down the designs to the more stream line contours and simple geometric shapes of Alex Toth. 

From research we learned that Lara Croft Go was inspired by game artist Eric Chahi and his hit game Another world, which really boils down the aesthetic that is our visual target. Clearly we have much more sophisticated computer power these days, but by working on the solid pillars that these artists use to make their work stand out, we believe our piece will stand out too.

 Using Moebius as a starting point we explored two other styles that were more focused on line work and color respectively. For our mood pieces each of us came up with our own interpretations of how these styles could be melded. Now that we have our individual takes on the artists we will be pooling our accumulated knowledge to select elements from each piece for further refine our style through iteration.

Lauren focused on line work from Moebius and more saturated colors.

Ashley pulled pastels from Moebius and focused on the mysticism and atmospherics.

Steffen took heavy inspiration from the almost cel shaded look of Lara croft go and adapted it to our setting.

In terms of the technical implementation of this style we are researching shaders to provide us the "cel shaded" look and potentially mimic the linework.

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