Monday, January 18, 2016

Development Commenced!

Welcome to the art development blog of the Leylines artists. What is Leylines, though? Leylines is a third-person, action-adventure, puzzle platforming game currently under development at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy.  

This blog will be highlighting most of our in-progress artwork. You can read more about the other facets of Leylines' development on our Tumblr blog once we gain more traction!.

For the first week of our Capstone game's development, we were given a few tasks:
        1. Create a crystal, inspired by Moebius', and put it in the Unreal engine.
        2. Create a sketch (about anything), inspired by Moebius.
        3. Find three artistic influences and make mood concept drawings based off of those artistic styles.
        4. Create a puzzle, any puzzle, that could be used in-game.
Here's some of the finished pieces!

In-engine crystals. Cool, huh? :3c

Our Moebius-inspired sketches!

Early makings of possible monster additions.

Our principle artistic style is Jean Giraud. Our secondary influences are Hayao Miyazaki and the art of Lara Croft Go. We're currently working on further developing our digital painting skills to make our concept art all the more dynamic and eye catching.

As for puzzles? Those are going to be a secret until the game is released. We can't just give the answers away!

There was some time to work on extra things for Leylines too. 

Our main character, currently named Chell, uses a bow and arrow during her adventure. This was an early animation test to work with that.

Our tasks for this week will be to start concepting for characters & environments. Stay tuned until then!

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