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Characters & Story of the Leylines World


All of the creatures on the planet Miria were born directly from her thoughts and imaginings - the children of her mind. In the beginning, she dreamed of the Shellek and so they were made that Miria may take care of herself. Then, she dreamed of mankind, and so they were made that Miria may know herself.

Blindingly intelligent, humanity sought knowledge of the world, to master it, and to turn its elements to their will. The very earth of Miria is filled with beautiful crystals, which contain her memories, her knowledge - ancient wisdom of impossible magnitude - and the very life source of the planet itself. In their endless quest for mastery and improvement, humans realized they could leash even Miria's eldest children to their will. Utilizing their technology, humans enslaved the Shellek and used the entire race to move the earth and mind Miria's precious bounty on an unimaginable scale. These crystals were slowly chipped away and gradually the planet began to wither away.

Constant contact with these crystals was too much for the Shellek to handle - their bodies and minds became warped and corrupted. Mankind's technology could no longer controlled these maddened, rapidly evolved creatures. The Shellek's leader called for the destruction of their proud human masters, and for the complete consumption of the crystalline energy that had "enlightened" them. Humanity, having been far too reliant on their insectoid slaves, stood nearly helpless as the Shellek destroyed most of their kind.

The day of the Great Destruction happened nearly twenty years ago.

The Shellek, consumed by madness and their uncontrollable thirst for these crystals, have forgotten their own reason for being. As for Miria ... she wove one final thought in desperation to save herself.

This is where the Leylines story begins.


AGE: NINETEEN    |    NICKNAMES: VAL, VEE    |    HEIGHT: 5'9''    |     WEIGHT: 143 LBS


Miria's final thought, the planet's desperate last hope for her own salvation, created Vala. She was born from a massive crystal, deep within a long-forgotten valley. As fortune would have it, this valley was a holy site for the nomadic Prisima pilgrims. On the very day of her birth, a handful of these nomads visited the sight and discovered the newborn within the crystal. Knowing this child to be a blessing from the planet Miria herself, the tribe's chieftan adopted Vala as his own. She was raised without knowing of her true origins, as her father worried for the effect that knowledge would have on her, and grew up as an ordinary child would. Despite her drastically different features that separated her from her tribesman, she never questioned her place among the Prisima. Her origins were a secret kept by the chieftan and his closest confidants for many years.


Though Miria fell further and further into desolation, the pilgrims continued paying homage to any holy sites still free of Shellek infestation. Now nineteen-years-old, no member of Vala's tribe doubts her bravery or ability. She learned the trade of hunter as she entered adulthood, providing food to her tribe while they wandered the world's ever-expanding wastes. The role of hunter in this broken world requires a rare kind of indefatigable stoicism, and Vala has always felt particularly at piece when stalking dunes alone.

Vala has a relatively quiet demeanor, often finding speech unnecessary, and she treasures the times during which all her clansmen kneel together in silent reflection. There she can be beside those she treasures as family without feeling pressured to utter a word. Vala also grew in a time when the world had been all but shattered by the Shellek, their kind continuing to infest Miria far and wide. Her bed time stories painted them as wicked monsters, and her adult life has seen some of these tales come true.

Dear friends have been found rent apart by those menacing creatures. Though she masks it all in silent anger, Vala is deeply afraid of the Shellek. That she may be the next to never return from an excursion, or that more of her tribe will be taken from her is her greatest fear. Partially due to this phobia, partially inheriting her adoptive father's overprotective nature, Vala cares deeply for the safety of her fellow tribesmen, especially the children. Fear or no, she would not hesitate to face down a writhing swarm of the insects if it meant protecting someone important to her.


To most, the Ley Lines offer but a brief, overwhelming glimpse into the mind of Miria. The memories and knowledge of an entire world, ancient and vast, flood into any who touch a Ley Line, and few can bear the sensation for long. Fewer still can take from the experience any lasting meaning, and none can translate that meaning into anything more.

Vala, however, was created by Miria with the singular ability to make some sense of the wisdom and power inherent within each Ley Line. Beyond just mere comprehension, Vala can turn the power imparted by the Ley Lines into environment-changing abilities, granting her limited control over the very fabric of the world.

Space, time, and gravity bend to her will, at least in some capacity, depending on the Ley Line to which she has attuned. The effort tends to be exhausting for her relatively meager human body, however, when done for too long.

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