Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Help us get Greenlit on Steam!

Updates have been a little scarce on this blog the further we get into development for the Ley Lines game. Production on this title has really taken off in these last months since we survived Vertical Slice! Clearly, it hasn't been all sunshine and kittens. This development environment - or rather, FIEA as a whole - has a very high development speed. As a team, we have definitely felt the crunch of hours, heavy workload, and uncertainty of how to effectively schedule everything - all while trying our best to keep as amicable of an environment as possible. Somehow we have managed to push through every obstacle that has come our way.

As we approach the last leg of the Ley Lines game development, this is where you come in. We have submitted our game on Steam and we're hoping to get greenlit very soon! As of writing this, we have about 215 up votes on our title. Help us achieve our Greenlight!

Here are some production images of the current state of our game!

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